about us

MABS Consulting is a cross-border business development facilitator providing professional services with experience based expertise in trade and investment development with South Korea.

We assist Korean and overseas clients in the best way possible to achieve the strategic objectives of their business in the global market. Our slogan—“Our Clients’ Success is Our Goal”—drives everything we do.

We are a group of professional consultants with a wealth of experience in diverse business sectors and management functions. In working with clients towards a common goal of success, our consultants are committed to being the best service providers possible.

We aim to facilitate our clients’ success in the global market. Allow us to confront your challenges, and we will find solutions for you!

our clients

We are dedicated to providing professional services to a wide range of clients from public and private sectors to non-profit, non-government sectors:

  • ▶ Businesses
  • ▶ Governments
  • ▶ Government Agencies
  • ▶ Industrial Associations
  • ▶ International Organizations
  • ▶ Non-Government Organizations
  • ▶ Non-Profit Organizations
  • ▶ R&D Centers
  • ▶ Regional Development Authorities
  • ▶ Social Organizations
  • ▶ Communities
  • ▶ Educational Organizations

Cross Border Business Supporting Govemment Agencies

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