What we do for FDI

FDI Facilitation

MABS Consulting bridges the interests of foreign investors and FDI-hosting authorities. We provide investor clients with strategic advice on area and site selection, and work with FDI-hosting authorities to attract and support investors.


For Investors

MABS Consulting works with corporate and individual clients for FDI, M&A, or joint ventures by providing research-based market information such as complex regulatory, economic, political, and cultural variables. We provide appropriate market entry and expansion strategies that position our clientele in such a way as to obtain a sustainable and competitive advantage at investment destinations.


For FDI Agencies

Every FDI promotion and support agency tries and provides foreign investors with as much information as needed, upon request or by way of marketing. However, it is often observed that foreign investors still feel it more comfortable to get readily available assistance from a market-based representative in their language if possible.

MABS Consulting works with FDI hosting authorities to generate and support investors by:

  • suggesting and implementing marketing and promotion activities
  • Coordinating with stakeholders as necessary
  • representing as the point of contact
  • proactive and target marketing
  • follow up of promotion events
  • handling inquiries
  • using networks and DB to recruit prospects
  • using FDI expertise to help prospects move forward
  • organizing site visits and meetings with FDI host
  • coordinating with prospects to close deals
  • sharing FDI facilitation expertise with hosts and investors


Example : Promotions with FDI hosting Authorities


  • Dubai FDI / Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai
  • Dubai-FDI


  • Think Canada 2018
  • Think Canada


  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Jebel Ali


  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • dafza


  • European Free Zone
  • efz


  • DMCC Free Zone
  • dmcc


  • Invest in Sharjah
  • sharjah

FDI Facilitation

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