Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice

MABS Consulting is on hand to provide the benefits of professional strategic advice and partnership matchmaking services focused on core competencies assisted by wealthy in-house databases and networks.

We work with a pool of sector specialists:

ICT, electro-electronics, fashion, food and beverage, agri-fishery, consumer goods, retail, health, bio, auto parts, aero, defense, machinery, construction, real estate, oil and gas, energy, environment, chemical, cosmetics, services.

Showcase your products and services with us, and we will invite carefully selected South Korean businesses and organizations as your potential local agents, importers, distributors, and retailers.

We identify and arrange business partnerships both online and offline. A few of our recent activities are introduced on the sub-menus here.

The above is not all we help international clients develop and grow their business. If it is in clients’ best interest to establish and grow on a long-term basis, we can discuss our assuming the in-market representation role as they want.


Strategic Advice

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