South Korea


South Korea, located at the heart of Northeast Asia, one of the world’s top three economic regions, is a global leader in a wide range of industrial sectors. Already, 223 Fortune 500 companies have entered into Korea, and are working with local businesses to increase their global market share.

Traditionally, Korea is a powerhouse in the manufacturing industry, with exceptional technological ability and production capacity. It maintains the world’s largest market share in high-tech manufacturing for semiconductors, smartphones and displays, and prides itself in being a top 10 nation in terms of manufacturing competitiveness.

Korea is preparing for the industrial era of the future on a foundation of strong competitiveness in manufacturing and technological capabilities that meet or exceed global standards.

It is to take a pre-emptive response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and take active measures to the paradigm shift of the industry.

It continues to make bold investments and support from a long-term perspective. Korean government designated future vehicles, new businesses of the energy industry, IoT-based home appliances, bio/healthcare and semiconductors/displays as projects for innovation and growth, and is preparing and pursuing a variety of promotional policies.


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